Bad Piggies historic spacecraft. Is that an oxymoron? In a time where public perception for pig-built machinery is at its all time low, due to massive recurrences of “epig failure” on a global scale, we have to wonder if pigs should even venture forth into space, obvious needs for escaping Piggy Island and […]

Put Bad Piggies on a big screen, record your gameplay and go over your video at half speed noting every single detail in slow motion, and you’ll soon be transported to another world altogether. This article discusses the ‘missing link’ of gameplay immersion – sound. And how realistic the sound effects are in Bad Piggies at half-speed.

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We would like to welcome Mr Moustache to our little team of bacon enthusiasts. If you’ve watched our parody BBC-style news broadcasts on YouTube, you may have heard Mr Moustache’s trademark Voice of Awesome!

It's all about Cake.

[Click here to go back to Tuning Strategies!] 3. Energy Management   In galaxies far far away from our own, there typically is a rather gamey expectation that one super bird or pig will rule them all with his magical crown, levelling up from peasant to warrior king in mere hours. And that through epic […]


[Go back to Wheel to Wheel Combat!] SPEND LITTLE, SPEED MUCH Tuning Strategies Because of all the negative reviews about ABGO’s in-app purchases, it’s commonly perceived that you have to spend a lot of money on the game. This is false. A starter kart provided upon installing the app (which means, completely free) is very […]

The Road is your Battleground

On your job of ferrying the all important eggs down the mountainside, sooner or later you are going to be beset by a horde of upstart pigs who want to relieve you of your precious cargo! Soon, you are forced to make a ‘flight or fight’ decision on whether to confront those unruly rolls of bacon fat, or try to outrun the opposition.

Sometimes, you are so Angry a Bird, you need to make a "Passing Statement"!

Drifting is not just a theatrical spectacle. You gain a significant amount of points if you drifted through an entire course instead of just going as the crow flies between corner to corner. It’s not difficult to drift in this game because the player does not need to manually counter-steer.


[Click here to go back to the Introduction!] Chapter 2 OFFENSIVE DRIVING course!  Because defensive driving is boring. In this chapter we will cover the basics of driving in Angry Birds Go!, and only driving. It’s up to you to look out for any route shortcuts, game-beating exploirs and other undocumented features that Rovio adds to each […]

Stunt Level in Angry Birds Go!

“OFFENSIVE DRIVING” A Controversial Pig-Written Guide to Appreciating Innovation in Angry Birds GO! by Les Toreadors Screenshots by “Dried Ham” Kim My views are my own… and that of lazy fat Moon sized pigs! Give me more cake right meow!   Chapter One Introduction   It’s been a few days since the release of Rovio’s […]

Ceiling exploration is never easy. Its treacherous rocks have punctured many a suction cup wheel and is long regarded to be un-navigable. But that doesn’t stop fearless (or foolish) piglets from trying to explore it and fail epigly for our enjoyment!